Market Intelligence

Research, market analysis, branding, launch, and next-steps market penetration. 

WE'll help you...

establish a LOCAL

presence in the

aerospace market

Our professional staff has expertise in government contracting, logistics inventory management, foreign trade regulations, market research, logistics, warranty repair, MRO, program management, technical proposal writing & contract negotiation, compliance, and training.

In the global market, international businesses are facing increasing pressure to establish facilities and/or provide better service and product support.

International companies pursue cheaper and more efficient ways to meet this demand by outsourcing work to U.S. companies with niche expertise.

Service providers like Imperion Aerospace offer cost-effective alternatives, with superior solutions and support, resulting in higher customer satisfaction with both short and long-term cost savings.

Sales, Service, and Account Management

Creating commercial visibility to sustain successful growth in a technically advance landscape.

Global Logistics SERVICE

Provide a U.S. logistics warehouse to serve the market and  render ongoing support.

For Industry Updates and News Events...

 Maintenance, Repair,
 and Overhaul

Warranty maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) activities.  Manage spare parts logistics with detailed monthly reports.


Our expertise

coMprise experience in military, aerospace, and supply chain management.