We specialize in assisting international companies establish a footprint in the US market. 

We are a management firm rooted in integrity and ingenuity that provides partnerships and specialized services for aerospace and related industries.

Our professional staff provides superior customer service and support to improve your ability to compete and sustain US government contracts with domestic operations.  Through our services we'll help you reduce costs associated with equipment, spare parts, personnel and major expenses such as travel, shipping, and taxes.  

All staff are trained or certified in appropriate professions of domestic and international SOPs.  Our facilities are also certified with the following:

  • ISO-9001 and ITAR Certification

Our professional staff have expertise in government contracting, inventory management, foreign trade regulations, market research, logistics, warranty repair, managed transportation, technical proposal writing & contract negotiation, program management, regulation compliance, training, recruitment, sales & marketing.  

“Imperion Aerospace helped us to be competitive in a foreign market.  Their hands-on approach will help us gain an even greater competitive advantage that will translate into cost savings and greater profit margins."



We are a professional organization with the confidence to take on the responsibility of your business, to implement actions based on solid industry practices, and to achieve the desired outcome your company anticipates.

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To be bold—respond to change rapidly, providing top-shelf performance, without over-the-top billing.  Cultivate lasting relationships with the community we’re building ... one client at a time.